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Answering your call is just the beginning.  
What comes next makes Image Office Services the best solution for you and your customers.

Every Call Has The Potential To Make You Money… Be the company that gets the client!
Statistics show that the companies with live answering more often get the client and their repeat business. While answering machines are a viable option for someone who cannot always be available to answer the phone, you should know that more often than you think, callers hang up at the sound of voicemail, or worse yet, an automated pick-a-number system. When people are ready to spend their hard earned money, they want the company that answers their call and are treated like they are important.

Very often your voice mail or answering service are the first contact a customer will have with your company.  A good answering service can give your callers the impression of stability and professionalism that they look for in a company they want to do business with.  Your answering service can bring you repeat business.  It shows that you are dependable and reachable. 

Cellular telephones, answering machines, and voice mail are great tools for communicating amongst your staff and associates.  Customers, however, have grown very weary of technology that does not do anything for them.  When people have a problem or are ready to buy, they want to talk to someone now.  To get an answering machine or voice mail gives them no sense that they have made any contact at all with your company.  Should they leave a message and wait to see if and when you will return their call, or will they hang up and call the next company until they reach a live person?  Many feel that if they cannot reach someone when they are ready to buy, surely they may not reach anyone when they have a problem.  Your customers do not want to leave a recording.  They want to talk to someone and have the sense that now someone else shares responsibility for their call and are assured that they, indeed, have made contact with your company. 

Consider This:
If you are using voicemail, check your caller ID/ logs & see for yourself how many callers actually hang-up when they get your voicemail.  
Find out how many opportunities are being missed by not having your calls answered live. Then call Image Office Services and start getting the clients!

Your answering service can help you make money and provide superior service!


Image Office Services provides pleasant and professional live operators to answer your calls, regardless of the time of day or night.   This gives the caller the impression that they have reached your company and their search for someone to help them is over.  We will handle your calls based on the procedures you establish with us.  We can disseminate or take information, answer questions, redirect your caller, or take a message and dispatch it according to your instructions.  If you wish, we can give out alternative numbers or convey your status to your callers.  Our services can be tailored to your specific business needs.  

Pleasant and professional operators answer your calls 24 hours a day,
365 days a year

Answering Service

Receptionist Service

Call Overflow

Emergency Dispatch

No automated answering

Answer in your company name or answering phrase of your choice

Customized Service formats

Schedule Real Estate Showings

Much more...

Information is not stored in the cloud or on any web based sites.  All information is stored on our on-site secure servers.

Our team is office based. Your calls are never transferred off site or to a subcontracted service.

The Most Cost Effective Employees On Your Team…
Image Office Services is an EXCELLENT option for keeping employee expenses down while having professional and friendly receptionists projecting a positive first impression of your company. At a fraction of the cost of one full time employee, you will enjoy 24 hour 7 day a week phone coverage, including holidays, so that your callers always feel that they have reached your company. We can handle multiple simultaneous calls for your company. We never call in sick and you are not responsible for employment, insurance, overtime pay, workers compensation, taxes, unemployment, or additional office space and equipment. 

Image Office Services can provide significant benefits for your company.

Maybe you just want someone to pick up the calls when you are not available.

Maybe you need someone to field your calls and put through only the important ones.

Maybe you need a receptionist who does not require office space.

Maybe you only need a receptionist part-time.

Maybe you just need support after hours and on weekends.

Or, maybe you just want to be a step above the rest.

Your image starts with the person who answers your phone.  Give your prospects the image of a customer service oriented company.

Increase your productivity while still providing your clients with the personal attention they deserve.

Repeat business depends on your clients knowing that you are accessible, especially if there is a problem.

We can extend the capabilities of your office.  Get those important calls no matter where you are.  You will never miss a call again.

Acquire the clients that hang-up at the sound of a recording and call another company.

Turn off your cell phone and give the people you are with your undivided attention.  It’s good business.

    The benefits of increased customers and increased 
sales will more than pay for the service.

Seasonal & Temporary Accounts Welcome


You only get one chance 
to make a first impression.


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